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With a pretty constant stream of newly introduced gear with differing bonuses, it can be difficult to decide.

This article serves as a small follow up of the previous article on getting great campaign scores. I want to delve a little deeper and discuss some issues not touched upon in the previous article. I will discuss the make-up of a campaign high score visually with a graph I made, go a little bit into Hero gear, discuss the use of guides, the new non-trainable troops and more.

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Remember how I mentioned in my article on Hero equipment , that the Ent set is becoming popular to campaign with? But to be effective, do not just swap out all your gear to Ents just yet.

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To be most effective, use these pieces:. See this chart. Future releases will contain: - General bug fixing - A coordinate finder - Alliance low level bank locating - Inventory might and battle ratios directly from ingame screenshots Please feel free to contact me on komcalc dapn.

KoM:Might and Ratio Calculator 1. New in this version: - New calculator designs and added scaling of objects to fit all screen sizes - Changed keyboard layouts when filling out fields for might and ratio calculations - Added defensive wall units to both the might and ratio calculator - Initiated beta testing of the upcoming coordinate finder tools. KoM:Might and Ratio Calculator Update on: Requires Android: Android 3. Video HOT 1. Hopeless Land 1.

Hot Video 2. Archero 1. Messenger Grim Soul 2. Gboard 8.