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We know first-hand the importance of educating our young people in these areas. We believe strongly that advancing STEM education requires collaboration among industry, educators, policy makers and families. To help address these challenges and strengthen the UK workforce pipeline, Lockheed Martin is proud to partner with Greenpower, who provide a range of practical, educational engineering challenges which fulfil our mission and encompass all of our values.

We wish all of the participants luck at the Goblin Event this weekend! This traditional Portsmouth event will be kickstarting the Goblin calendar for the season and will as such will attain the excitement of anticipation for the upcoming year. This will be the 8th annual event at HMS Excellent. With a potential 19 Goblin events this year what better way to start our biggest season than at this iconic venue. All participating teams will be invited to the finale of the Goblin season at the Goodwood Gathering of Goblins, taking place on the 21st July We hope you can join us for this glorious day to celebrate a season filled with our most Goblin events ever!

We would like to thank our event sponsor Lockheed Martin who with their continued support make this event happen, along with all our fantastic set of volunteers who bring such joy and enthusiasm to the event. It is fantastic to see that so many others share our vision on engineering subjects and sustainability and can engage with these through the thrill of Motorsport.

Greenpower Education Trust inspires young people aged to excel in science, technology, engineering and Maths, through a unique challenge - To design, build, and race an electric car. The Goblin Kit Car is a great introduction to STEM for primary school children, they get hands on assembling the car and compete in slaloms, sprints, and drag races at events. Regional heats feature two 90 minute races requiring 3 drivers, with an International Final at the end of the season. Races are an hour long, and the category is ran as a championship with each teams 2 best results in heats, and their result in the final counting.

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The Hendreds Church of England Primary School

Having started from a single race at Goodwood in , it has grown to a truly international programme with teams in every continent, and numerous licenses operating across the globe. Following a change in the Road Traffic Act, it is now possible to run a motorsport event on the roads. Greenpower have obtained a permit from Motorsport UK, and the necessary licenses to run this first of its kind race event, taking place in the Queens Gardens area of Hull on the 28th of April Cars built by teams of students from Hull will take to the circuit attempting to be crowned the best young engineers and racers in the region, take home This will award prizes for the top three cars in each of the four events plus additional awards, which celebrate the multiple aspects of the project.

The historic Goodwood Motor Circuit is once again our venue of choice for the end of year International Gathering of Goblins. This is an opportunity to give children who have been involved in the design and building of their IET Formula Goblin kit cars a chance to proudly display their achievements in a wonderful setting.

Gruul Goblin Gathering [MTG Arena] - RG Goblin Burn Deck in RNA Standard Pauper

The afternoon also gives one lucky child from each team the chance to race an entire lap of the 2. The International Finals will be held exactly 20 years on from when it all started on the 17th October To add to the excitement it will be held at the home of British motorsport, Silverstone. Staff, parents and pupils were hooked and the club took off, we were offered a second hand car, the Blue Demon. Directions to the venue. Event entry fees must be made before the event. Follow us on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter. Haste is always nice, but that reduction is really what we're after, taking Goblins from inexpensive to downright cheap. Just remember the reduction only works on colorless mana; Goblins who demand specific hues for all their mana symbols won't be marked down, an example being His ability lets you sacrifice any goblin you control including himself to add a red mana. Thus, you can either use Prospector as a one-off ramp tool, or as a way to fuel expensive spells with excess goblin tokens. Remember, sacrifice abilities can be activated at any time, so you don't have to be on your turn or have haste to make use of the effect; if you know a removal's coming, you can kill Prospector to gain mana for a Lightning Bolt counterplay.

Oct 31 | Gathering of Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls at Vacaville Commons | Dixon, CA Patch

Not only that, he's also packing haste, letting him act immediately. The catch is that whenever Guide swings, the defending player reveals the top card of their deck and gets to add it to their hand if it's a land. Sure, potentially granting card advantage to your adversary isn't optimal, but if it's not a land, you now know what they're about to draw, providing useful information to form your strategy.

By tapping, Welder lets you target an artifact a player controls as well as one in their graveyard, sacrificing the fielded relic while returning the buried one to the field. This lets you exchange inexpensive tools for big guns like "Akroma's Memorial" that you've milled into your graveyard, granting a sweet early lead. You can also target opposing cards, replacing threatening enemy supports with something more manageable. All for just one mana!

Greenpower: Gathering of Goblins at Goodwood Motor Circuit

CMC: 2 Mixing the blue islands with red mountains yields this inexpensive solider. Even better, Electromancer reduces the cost of instants and sorceries you control by one colorless mana. With blue's prowess in counter spells and red's rampaging destruction, you have a vast repertoire of powerful hexes to play at reduced prices.

CMC: 5 Kiki, do you love me?

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Apparently, since you're so darn good. The Mirror Breaker is today's most expensive card, needing five mana, but we'll soon see methods to play goblins for free. By exhausting, you create a token of a nonlegendary creature you control and grant that token haste.

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You have to sacrifice the token at the end step, but this still clones your strongest nonlegendary each turn, paving the path for whatever combos you wish. To help field Kiki quickly and avoid his price, use the free goblin abilities of CMC: 2 While he's cheap, Instigator demands both his mana be red, making him risky in multicolor decks and ineligible for Warchief's reduction.

Even better, whenever Instigator inflicts combat damage to an opponent, you can play a goblin from your hand for free. Plus, since double strike hits twice, an unblocked Instigator can actually field two goblins in a single turn! Use auras, artifact equipment, or other goblin boosts to buff Instigator's stats and let him swing twice for massive pain each turn. No double strike, but he costs one mana less, and just like his older brother, when Lackey lands combat damage on your opponent, you may field a goblin for free.

Thus, a turn two or three Kiki becomes more than possible; several blue auras can help render your minion unblockable and reliably trigger his effect.

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Lackey's also great for swiftly playing Counting Krenko, this should be at least one, but can rapidly reach a dozen or more! Remember, the tokens themselves count a goblins, making Krenko a self-stacking card who works well both on his own and in tangent with his clan. Use the tokens as blockers, for mana fodder with Skirk Prospector, or to activate the entrance effect damage of the deity "Purphoros, God of the Forge".