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This video will cover the main outline of this course along with any costs involved This video will cover how to register for web hosting, a domain name and also how to login to the CPanel which is where we will install WordPress from. If for whatever reason you can not click the link above, just copy and paste the URL into your internet browser. This video will show you how to install different WordPress plugins along with how to create fully functional Contact Forms. This video will show you how to add different pages as well as how to change text to be bold headings.

This video will show you how to create different custom menus in WordPress. These are necessary to keep your site properly organized. Search for anything. Udemy for Business.

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Step 2: Choose a FREE design based on your profession

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Free tutorial. Created by Martie Dread.

How To Create A Website using WordPress (Step by Step)

English [Auto-generated]. Buy now. This tutorial includes. Certificate of Completion. What you'll learn. If you can use your computer to send an email Just follow the course and I will show you. Which section is where, what are the elements that you want on your homepage, on the sidebars, and in the footer. Well, this can be very easily done by using the widgets.

Rearranging the widgets will help you restructure your website very easily. Want to show a calendar in the sidebar, just pick up the widget and place it in required the widget area. It is very important to arrange the pages and design the navigation of your website thoughtfully. With a smooth navigation and links arranged systematically on your site, your visitors will be able to smoothly traverse through them.

How to Make an E-Commerce Website in India - Build an Online Store

So first, we should talk about the most common and important pages for your business website. For navigation, you can create intuitive menus, with links to all the important pages on your website. However, what you want to show on the menu of your website, is totally your call. But make sure that it includes the links to the pages that matter most for your website. You can even decide the hierarchy of the menu items based on that. Making the homepage elegant is the key. An ideal homepage is a combination of a great design and great content.

The homepage should basically contain all the important information about your business. When you use a premium theme like iBusiness, you get a thoughtfully designed homepage. However, with the editing options, you are free to customize it as much as you like. You have to be very careful when you design your homepage. It is the page most of your visitors will start on.

The homepage should ideally reflect the essence of your business as well as the content of your website. However, you can try out different structures and arrangements for your homepage, any time you like. Service pages can be the pages that either contains an explanation of the type of services, pricing for the services, and the accomplished work. Using the service page you can also display some of your accomplished work. You can display each service with a different page or simply all the services on the same page depending on how much you have to tell.

About us page works on the fact that the more your customers know you, the more they trust you. Or anything in general about you. You can make this page as interesting as you want! Important: Contact forms. There are a lot of contact form plugins that you can integrate into your website for contact forms on your business website. With a contact form, you are making it easier for your interested visitors to contact you and get help with their confusions.

Just integrate it into your website and create a form with the fields you want. Make sure that the form you create is simple. Because using too many fields in a contact us form, and taking unnecessary information from the users, will just The news and blog section. Even though this section is not so compulsory for a business website, it can work wonders if used properly. You can even use this section to keep your users informed. You can even use blog to write success stories of your happy clients if that implies for your business.

With the above steps completed successfully, you now have a fully functional and information-rich business website ready. Now is the time to spread a word about it. Based on your business domain and the functional area of your business, you can choose where you would want to advertise for it.

For instance — If you are running a restaurant, you can advertise on the local tv channels and make people aware that they can book their tables at your place through your website. If you are an investment consultant, you can have your advertisement printed on the regional newspaper and inspire people to check out your website to know more about your services. For an internet company of web developers of graphic designers, you can promote yourself through the internet itself.

How to Build a Church Website with WordPress - WPExplorer

Asking your co-ordinate businesses to lend advertisement spaces on their sites. In , when social media has already taken over, social media marketing is one of the best ways to address people at large. However, you can also look for some social media marketing agencies that can help you promote your website through social media.

Advertisement sections on your website can help you earn. You can show advertisements of your affiliate businesses and thereby earn through them. At the same time, you can even approach related business to advertise your business. For instance — A local fish aquarium store can display the advertisements of the fish food companies.

A spa salon website can display the advertisement of cosmetic brands.

How to Make a WordPress Website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Creating your business website is not a one-time task. A business website needs minor updating from time to time. You can even add new blogs, delete unwanted pages, update existing pages, as and when required. Including software updates, updating the news and blog section, etc. You can either run the maintenance routines yourself or hire someone to maintain your WordPress website for you. If you are confused about whether you should go for a business website or not, here are a few of the many reasons why creating a business website is a great idea.

The internet has made the world a very small place. And your business website marks your presence in this small world :. With your business website, you are basically opening up doors for new opportunities. You are making a way for the prospective customers to know you, get in touch with you. A website can help you express your services, business to the people at large. It gives you the opportunity to be found and recognized. The contact form on your website is the easiest way for your visitors to get in touch with you.

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Therefore, any visitor curious to know more about your services can reach you instantly. And a live chat feature can help you with that.