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Laura Marano carried the movie by giving an emotional and amazing performance.

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Within the film, it shows how you may possibly think you know somebody so well and they seem close to you, but may not actually know something about them. As for Echo, you feel bad because of how she has to cope with the death of her sister to then figuring it out on her own.

This movie is somewhat reminiscent of 13 Reasons Why. Firstly, the way the concept is shown through flashbacks while the protagonist having to find out the cause of death of somebody they love. Due to the flashbacks for most part of the film, it felt quite confusing at first.

Was that necessary? However, after all those weird transitions, this movie was not confusing to watch.

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This movie becomes more understandable and interesting to watch, especially when Echo is making progress in figuring out the case. The parts of the story was shown at the right time within the right amount of time.

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  • Although the book definitely has its very sad moments that make you feel as though you are going through the roller coaster of grief alongside Echo, the overall message of the book completes itself on a positive note. My only major gripe is that the book ends on a too chipper note.

    Saving Zoë

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