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Skip to content. This four-part series explores our humanity through the lens of Christianity.

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Each session begins with a short story designed to encourage discussion on culturally significant questions concerning who and what we are. This time of discussion is followed by a teaching segment that helps us develop a correct view of our humanity in light of who God is, followed by more discussion. This versatile resource can be used by anyone to facilitate a discussion on the gospel in a variety of settings, including private homes, churches, schools, and coffee shops.

Order The Human Project. Learn More. The worst atrocities of history occurred because nations forgot what it means to be a human made in the image of God. In a technological age, history is in danger of repeating itself.

I warmly commend The Human Project and its goal of pointing people to the God, in relationship with whom we become truly human. We have never lived in a time like this and the work of The Human Project has never been more important. I'm hosting The Human Project. Free Resources. Trailers Expand. Posters Expand. Download Award Images.

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    The Human Project is, and will remain, a public resource to solve our toughest societal challenges. It will foster new kinds of scientific inquiry and research innovations that improve our quality of life and make our government more responsive to citizens. Solving the puzzle. Learn more.

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    A living snapshot of an American city. Our Research. Core Values. Participants as Partners The Human Project is a partnership between participants, staff, and their company Data Cubed , all of whom play a role in governing the study. Prioritizing Data Security Ensuring the confidentiality of participant data is our highest priority.


    Respect for All The Human Project is dedicated to the continuous process of acknowledging and embracing cultural differences in order to foster respectful and effective interaction with all people. Leaders in Ethical Research The Human Project will be a leader in the ethical conduct of big data research. Candor and Transparency The Human Project will be transparent about its aims, ethics, methodologies, measurements, and findings.

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    Advancing Science for Good The Human Project is, and will remain, a public resource to solve our toughest societal challenges.