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Andy Anderson. Purchasable with gift card. Live It Or Leave It Leech As the mind is the foundation and source of feeling, thinking and willing, strength of these can be understood as the mental strength. For example, if one has strong willpower, he or she will be considered mentally strong. Taking up mental strength first, one can take up challenges which are too daunting for common man.

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Mentally strong persons generally make a mark in their lives. One can face and get out of most difficult situations; will not break down. One will make a lot of progress in life. One can avoid all kinds of temptations.

And this is a very important leadership quality. Now we come to the inner or spiritual strength. Surprisingly, this is required for enhancing mental strength; we can even state that it is the source of mental strength or willpower. Inner strength is even superior to intellectual strength.

Developing the Strength within You

Yes, intellectual capacity helps in enhancing inner strength but as the soul is superior to intelligence, inner strength occupies a higher position and is more important. You will agree when you will realise its immense benefits. Inner strength gives us patience, which is required at all times due to our being a very small entity.

Courage is essential to do our duties and inner strength contributes directly. It gives self-confidence. It gives us determination, tolerance and enthusiasm. People with great inner strength are compassionate, and they take pains to purify their existence, which contributes to a quality life.

How do we enhance these two very important strengthsIJ First, we take up mental strength. Atmabala contributes to it greatly.

Next is a connection with God, which helps a lot. There are various reasons for this state of affairs, and all of them point to a lack of inner strength.

Pushing Forward

This often causes unhappiness and lack of motivation, and can lead to negative habits, such as procrastination, lack of perseverance, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence. However, this situation can be corrected, but you need to make the decision to change it, and be willing to undertake the inner work that this involves. I have written quite a few articles about this subject, which you can read here, at this website, so I will give just a few examples.

By acting in spite of inner resistance you get stronger.

13 Powerful Quotes About Inner Strength

When you find yourself sitting in front of the TV to pass the time, put on your walking shoes and go out for a brisk walk. These are just a few examples, but you can easily find more. Actions like these, gradually, make you stronger, and able to act with more strength in your daily affairs of life. It is like training your body to develop stronger muscles. Here, you develop mental muscles.